Hey guys. So my name is Bonnie, and basically I’m here because I want to help you. I’ve spent the last two years falling in love with fitness and all of the amazing things that come from leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and now that I’ve learned a lot and gained some experience, I want to share that with as many people as I can. This is a follow-on from my Instagram, but it isn’t just another blog about losing weight, or looking amazing. It’s a blog about finding yourself, looking after yourself, and loving yourself. And there might be a salad and a workout chucked in now and then. I even split it into three easily navigable sections for you because I love you. Under “FITNESS” you can read about workouts, exercise and …fitness. Under “FOOD” you can read about… yep, food… healthy recipes/learning to eat well/changing habits etc etc. And under “LIFE”, well, let’s just say I’ll leave that up to you as to what you get out of that. Sound good? I think so too. So follow along and join me on the journey to changing the way we see ourselves and learning to say, I LOVE ME. Ready? Let’s spread the love my friends.