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Being Your Own Motivation

The first week of January, my training was definitely slacking, and with it, my motivation. I’d taken two weeks off over Christmas to chill out and enjoy myself *highly recommend* and I’d been having quite a few training sessions with friends (I never train as well when I’m with other people), but even when I was by myself, I wasn’t working hard. Or rather, I wasn’t pushing myself. I was doing hard workouts but not to the level that I’m currently at, and I was definitely staying welllllll within my comfort zone.

After feeling like this for a week or two, I gathered my thoughts together one Sunday night and said ENOUGH. It was time to start training properly again. *Side note – Sunday’s are for getting your shit together. Use them.*

So the next day, I drag my butt to the gym and I remember starting off with my squats and getting that feeling again of “ughhh… screw this”. I think I was halfway through a set, already thinking about the end of my workout, when I caught my eye in the mirror, and my face was like,

what. the fuck. are you doing Bon.

And suddenly, when I was so close to hitting my reps, racking the weight and probably cutting down my program for that day, something switched. I saw that look in the mirror and it said come on Bon, you got this. Quit messing around. Pull yourself together. And so I did. And I smashed out one of the best workouts I’d had for a loooong time. You know the ones where you feel strong and fearless and powerful and invincible and you hit the end of your set and you just keep going because it FEELS. SO. GOOD. And I walked out feeling tired, but feeling accomplished. Feeling proud. Feeling in control. And I realised…

This is motivation.

Motivation isn’t scrolling through Instagram seeing abs and butts and biceps and thinking “I wish that was me”. It doesn’t come from a quote or a movie or somebody else. It comes from inside. From you.  And that’s the only way you’re gonna last at anything. There’s got to be a part of you which wants this, really wants this, and a part of you which is always willing and determined to go get it.

But notice how I say a PART. Because it’s not all of you. And I think that’s where people slip up. You’re a human being. You won’t want to go to the gym at 6am on those days when there’s no other time to fit it in. You won’t want to train legs when they’re still sore from last week. Being motivated isn’t a constant state. People think it’s all or nothing. That you’re supposed to leap out of bed at 5am singing and dancing and skip yourself all the way to the gym. And that’s absolutely not the case. Motivation is that little part of you which, on some days takes over your whole body and has you bursting with energy and power and determination, and on some days hides away and you have to search for it in the darkest corners. But no matter what, it says “come on”, and tiny as it may sometimes be, do not ever underestimate its power.

If you want to take this seriously, you have to be your own motivation, your inspiration, your strength.

You need to be at a level of self-love and self-respect that you become your own best friend, your own hero, and you always work to do what’s best for you. You need to embrace all of the little parts of you that make up your own team. YOU need to be the reason you are proud of yourself. The reason why you get your ass out of bed in the morning. Be the one that yells “one more rep”, even when every part of your body is screaming to give up.

Because if not you, who will? You can’t be dependent on somebody else for your own success. You can’t be relying on your boyfriend/girlfriend/mates to kick your butt and get you to the gym. It’s not the same. The best part of this whole fitness thing that I’ve got going on is that it’s all mine. All of it. I’m the one who writes my program. I’m the one who gets my ass out of bed, who walks to the gym, who does the workout. I don’t sit around waiting for my friends or family or #fitspos on Instagram to “motivate” me. I motivate myself. And sure, there are people out there who will initially be a huge motivator for you, but really, it’s the little fire inside you which fuels you to stay consistent and to work hard. It’s. All. You.

So my advice today? Be your own motivation. And on the days when you complain, when you “can’t really be bothered”, when you’re “not feeling it”, remember how totally and utterly blessed you are to have a body that is fit and healthy enough to even get yourself out of bed every morning, let alone have the ability to go to the gym and smash a workout. There are people in the world hoping and begging and praying for the chance to just walk or stand up one more time.

Don’t you ever, not for a day, take that for granted.



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