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When Is The Best Time to Workout?

Guys, I went to workout first thing in the morning the other day. Now, this might not sound like a big deal but, trust me, it was a bit of a shock to the system considering I’ve only been training in the afternoon for the past  5-6 months.

Not only did I train weights but I trained LEGS. And when I say first thing in the morning I mean: I rolled out of bed at 6am, had a coffee and went straight to the gym.

You’ll all be glad to know I survived and am recovering well.

Now, there’s probably hundreds of articles out there telling you when is the “best time to work out”, telling you that the morning is better because it gives your body more time to relax and you will sleep better come bed time, or that it’s better to work out in the afternoon because your testosterone levels are higher.

But I need you to know something, because I get asked this a lot and I need to get it clear:

There is no “better” time to work out; there’s just what’s better for you.


When do I train?

The time of day that I tend to train has changed a lot over the years. For the first year or so I would always go first thing in the morning. Then I started to go in the afternoon. For a while, I went in the evening. Occasionally I would go last thing at night.

You know why I kept changing my training time?

Because of life.


Other commitments.

That was it.


Some days I’d have classes all day and work at night, so a morning workout was the only option.

Other days I’d be busy throughout the day but free in the evening, so I’d go workout then.

Lately, I’ve been training later on in the day.

Not because it is the magic secret. Not because there’s any particular advantage or disadvantage that comes with training at a certain time of day but because for me, personally, training first thing is not ideal. I don’t like it. I don’t feel sufficiently hydrated. My balance is a little off. My co-ordination is a bit shaky. And I never feel properly warmed up.

But that’s me.

You might be the complete opposite, and that’s absolutely okay.


You know what’s not okay?

Skipping two of your five workouts a week because you’re training so early that you can’t get out of bed.

Half-arsing all of your workouts because you’re going to the gym straight after work when you feel exhausted and void of energy.

So long as it fits your schedule, train when it suits you.

If you’re a morning person: train in the morning. If you tend to have more energy in the evening: train then.

It’s not rocket science.

There is no “best time to train”.

There will be a time that you enjoy training based on personal preference. There will be a time that will be more convenient to train because it fits in with your schedule. But there is not one time of the day that gives you any kind of advantage over another, other than the advantage that it suits you.


So if the time isn’t the secret, what is?

I mentioned that the time that you train isn’t the magic secret to results or success.

You want to know what the secret is?




And in order to be consistent, you will have to be adaptable.

I trained first thing this week because it is what was necessary in order to stay consistent to the plan.

Did I like it? Not particularly.

Did I do it? Yes, because I know the importance of having to adapt in order to commit. And if one day that means getting up at 6am to go workout, that’s what you do. If on another occasion that means you can’t get to the gym until 9pm, you do it. You get it done whenever you have the time.

So if you’re wondering when you should go to the gym, when you should work out, when is the “best time”?

Don’t overthink it. Don’t overcomplicate it.

It is the time that works best for you. Simples.






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