Girl doing push-up on fitness blog "Committed or Obsessed: How Healthy Am I?"

Committed or Obsessed: How Healthy Am I?

One of the fantastic things about social media is that we have direct access to the lives of those who have chosen to publish them. This means that we can see what our favourite #fitspos and athletes and bodybuilders eat, how they train and what they do. We can watch them in their day-to-day lives and really get familiar with their lifestyle, learning from them and using them as a resource to help us become healthy or strong or whatever our goal may be. Continue reading

Relaxing by pool, staying in shape when you can't train.

How To Stay In Shape When You Can’t Train

Staying in shape can be difficult when you’re taking time off from training. You start to worry you’ll lose your shape, lose all your progress and become a lump who everyone forgets about. In fact, it usually takes somebody else to tell you to stop training for you to actually stop, because the fear of falling behind or losing your shape overshadows the importance of recovering. But you know what’s even scarier?

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Why You’re Not Making Progress

Everyone’s fitness story is different. We’re all doing this for different reasons, using different methods to achieve different goals, but over my few years of training and committing to this lifestyle, I’ve found that patterns have emerged. And anytime that I feel I’ve been plateauing, I haven’t kicked and screamed and stomped my feet and stormed into the gym yelling IT’S NOT WORKING. I’ve sat back, I’ve assessed. What am I doing wrong?

And you know the problem that I find 9 times out of 10?  Continue reading