No Sugar Challenge Part I

If you are one of my lovely Instagram followers, you will know that at the start of September I decided to give up refined sugar for four weeks. Fruit and natural sugars (e.g. honey) were allowed in moderation, but any unnatural sugar was off limits for one whole month.

I didn’t fancy doing this on my own and thought there might be some others who would be interested, so I reached out to the wonderful people of Instagram and asked if anyone wanted to join. I ended up having a group of around fourteen girls and guys who joined me on the sugar detox, sharing our own opinions on the challenge and keeping each other going. Continue reading

Picture of vegan groceries

Am I Going VEGAN?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed that there’s been a lot of plant-based meals featuring  recently and not as many animal products as before. (And if you don’t follow me on Instagram, what are you doing? Get on it. 😉)

Now, before anyone goes crazy – I’m not going vegan. Not totally. Or at least, not yet. Continue reading

Picture of healthy green smoothie bowl

How to “Treat” Yourself

“I fell into a bit of a rut there, interestingly because I was ‘rewarding’ myself for getting a new job. And I was like ‘fuck it, I’ll have one pizza.’ One turned into a 4 day binge on JustEat.”

A few months ago, I got this message from a very dear friend of mine (hi honey, love you) and I wanted to share this with you guys because I know fine well that my friend is not alone in their struggle with the whole concept of “treating” yourself. Continue reading

Picture of salad on blog about clean eating and why I quit IIFYM

Clean-Eating: Why I Quit IIFYM

As I’m sure you all know, and have perhaps already experienced, there is a plethora of different diets out there. Low-carb, high-fat. Low-fat, high-carb. Vegan. Vegetarian. Paleo. Ketogenic. Atkins. Dukan. Juice cleanses… It’s completely overwhelming. Especially when you realise that each one comes with its very own personal library of articles, blogs, Instagram posts and Youtube videos either endorsing it and telling you it’s the best thing ever, or reproaching it and warning against the potential dangers of following it. Continue reading

Chocolate and peanut butter oats on What I Eat In A Day Nutrition Blog

What I Eat: Training Days

I recently got stuck in a bit of a rut with my food and found that I was eating the same thing day-in, day-out, week after week. This isn’t unusual for people who are into fitness. When you know what you like and what fits your macros, it makes life so much easier to eat similar foods all of the time. Protein oats for breakfast, chicken rice and vegetables for lunch and dinner, maybe some Greek yogurt and protein powder for snacks. Continue reading

Picture of fruit on a no-sugar recipe blog.

10 Foods I Always Have in my Fridge

The hardest part of the whole fitness thing is the diet. We can all rev up the motivation to go to the gym for a couple of hours, but monitoring what you put in your body day in day out and not giving in to cravings or offers of BUY 1 CHOCOLATE BAR GET 10,0000 FREE is no easy feat, and it all starts in the supermarket. Continue reading

Peanut satay chicken noodles - how to eat clean

How To Eat: The Top Rules for Clean-Eating

Clean-eating is hard. First fat was “bad”. “Don’t eat fat, you’ll get fat. You’ll get high cholesterol. You’ll have a heart attack and die.” So the industry went nuts and foods were made “low-fat” and crammed with sugar and salt to maintain the flavour. Then someone else did a study and found that, oh, actually, sorry guys, fat was okay, it was the SUGAR that was the problem. Continue reading