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What I Eat: Training Days

I recently got stuck in a bit of a rut with my food and found that I was eating the same thing day-in, day-out, week after week. This isn’t unusual for people who are into fitness. When you know what you like and what fits your macros, it makes life so much easier to eat similar foods all of the time. Protein oats for breakfast, chicken rice and vegetables for lunch and dinner, maybe some Greek yogurt and protein powder for snacks. And while it’s great to find what works for you and to get into a routine with your food, I’ve recently learned that it’s also very important to rotate your food sources and alternate where your fat, carbohydrate and protein is coming from. (This was mainly thanks to @crphysique on Instagram, he’s amazing. Go check him out).  So I’ve been trying to change up what I eat on a day-to-day basis and thought I’d give you an insight into what I would tend to eat on an average day. You might notice that my meals are either protein-heavy or carb-heavy, this is because I try to eat my protein and carbohydrates separately to aid digestion, as they take different processes to digest.

Below is an example of what I would eat on a TRAINING day, where I like to carb-up throughout the day (especially around my workout), as opposed to a rest day where I would always drop my carbs and eat more fats. If you find today’s post helpful, let me know and I will post another one to show you how I change my diet according to my training.

Let’s get the show on the road.



Rye bread or rice cakes with banana and peanut butter (pictured above)

Oats/rice* with cacoa/cinnamon, almond milk

*This sounds weird but bear with me. Oats are quite heavy on the stomach, so I sometimes switch my oats for rice. Cook a load of rice as you normally would (leave out the salt) and leave to cool. Then mix it with your milk/flavourings (cacao/cinnamon, maple syrup/honey, protein powder if you use it) and some chia seeds to leave overnight. Give it a go!



Huge salad/vegetables with fish/chicken


Sweet potato, rice or pasta with loads of vegetables


TRAINING PM (at least 1 hour after lunch to allow for digestion)



An easily-digestible carbohydrate (cereal, fruit, high-glucose sweets)




1-2 hours after training

Chicken or fish with loads of vegetables


Before bed SNACK:

Nuts/Nut butter, dark chocolate.


Does this help? Let me know what your favourite meals and snacks are on a training day!




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