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Dear Women of the Future

Dear Women of the Future,

It’s 2018 right now, and it’s hard to imagine how the world might be for you. Thanks to a whole army of passionate, powerful women fighting for us, I think the world will be better. I hope it will be better. I hope it is a world where you can walk across the street without being whistled or shouted or beeped at, where you are not body-shamed from every magazine cover, bus advert and music video that you see, where you can walk home at whatever time of night wearing whatever you want and not feel like it’s going to be your fault if somebody sees you as a victim. I hope this is the world that you live in. The one in which you are free. Continue reading

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Claiming Responsibility

Sometimes we upset people we care about. Things get misinterpreted or miscommunicated and this occasionally leads to somebody else being disappointed or hurt. Do we intend to upset them? No. Do we always agree that we did anything wrong? No.

So, if we disagree AND we didn’t mean to, it’s not our fault, right? Continue reading

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It’s Okay To Be Sad

It’s that time of year. There’s Christmas tunes blaring from every shop, café and establishment you walk past; there’s beautiful lights and decorations everywhere you go; it’s a time of gratitude and happiness, where everyone is jolly and festive, and yet you feel… sad? Continue reading

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Finding Out Who You Are

The question of ‘ who you are ‘ is one which most of us will spend our lives trying to answer, and if you’re reading this because you think there’s going to be a quiz at the end that will help you find out, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. You see, I don’t have the answer for you. I spent a long, long time questioning who I was, running around trying to figure it out, wondering why I felt this conflict inside that I couldn’t seem to settle, and it was in this battle that I found my answer. Whether or not it’s the same answer for you, I’m not sure. I guess you can tell me at the end of this blog. Continue reading

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Why Nice Guys Finish Last

“It’s so unfair. Nice guys always finish last.”

We’ve all heard it before: the idea that guys who are kind and treat a girl well never actually get the girl. They lose her to the “bad” guy who doesn’t treat her right and cheats on her and is just an all-round asshole blah blah blah.

There’s countless articles about why this is; studies and reports telling you that women enjoy a “challenge” and are naturally more attracted to men who aren’t “easy”, but I’m not going to talk about that.

Not just because I think it’s been done to death but because I think there’s a much simpler truth behind it. Continue reading

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How To Stop Breaking Your Own Heart


“No one is going to love you exactly like you imagine. No one is ever going to read your mind and take every star from the sky at the perfect time and hand it to you. No one is going to show up at your door on a horse, with a shoe you lost. Do you understand? That’s why you have to love yourself enough, so that any other love just adds more candles to the cake you’ve already iced.”Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Continue reading