Why I Don’t Believe In New Year

Okay so…lemme rephrase that. It’s not that I don’t “believe” in New Year. I’m not here like “IT’S STILL 2001 WHAT IS GOING ON WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING”. I acknowledge that on the 31st of December the calendar year ends, and on the 1st of January a new year begins. I acknowledge that for many people, this symbolic “fresh start” creates the perfect opportunity for an actual, real-life fresh start. I acknowledge that, in terms of starting points, a shiny, brand new year is possibly the most appealing and the most motivating.


But, listen.

It’s just another day.

Today is a Sunday like any other Sunday (except the sun is shining in Scotland so that’s kinda different I guess). Tomorrow will be Monday, and then Tuesday, and on it will go. And there will be hundreds of thousands of people all over our little planet standing up and saying NOW, and making promises to change in 2017, simply because it’s NEW. And I respect each and every person who vows to better themselves and their lives, or the lives of others. But you know what I respect even more than that?

People who do that everyday.

Why do we wait until the New Year to make changes? Because, first of all, and I hate to break it to ya, there’s no guarantee of the New Year. The only thing that’s guaranteed everyday is that the sun will rise and the sun will set. That’s it. Everything else is uncertain. Everything else can be changed, either by yourself, by other people or by forces out of our control. There is never a guarantee of another year, of another day even, and this right here is the most fundamental thing that we must learn as human beings if we wish to live, to really live. And it blows my mind that people still don’t GET THIS.

Why do we wait for the weekends to have fun? Or for Monday to start afresh? Or summer? Or another year? The time will pass, trust me. So why do you spend that time wishing and rushing it along, and putting off things because you’re not “ready”?

Get up. DO. Take control and make things happen. And not just today, because it’s the 1st of January. Everyday. I’m not saying don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, I’m not saying that at all. I’m just asking you to add one more to your list:


Stop waiting.


Let’s all stop waiting. If you want to something, do it. Don’t spend another year planning and wondering and worrying and waiting, only to get to the end and add it back on to that list that you’ve been kidding yourself about for the past five years, because you were hanging around for “the right time” to take action. Because, let me tell you something. “The right time” doesn’t exist. An opportunity will very very rarely present itself to you at an opportune moment and time. Things, people, responsibilities get in the way. And that’s just life. Making things fit and work even though, at first, it looks damn near impossible. The plans and goals that you’ve set yourself today are going to change throughout the year, and you will need to adjust and act accordingly. So, ACT. If you want to change, do it. It might not feel like “the right time”. It might be a Tuesday night and you’re lying in bed and you decide you wanna start doing, I dunno, figure skating. So what do you do? Well you get up the next day, you get yourself a pair of skates and you get yourself to the nearest ice rink. “But it’s a Wednesday tomorrow!” WHO CARES. Just because a bunch of dudes back in 6th century BC decided to make a 7 day week, doesn’t mean we’ve got to live a life dictated by what day it is. If you want to make something happen, make it happen. No matter what day, no matter what time. Just go for it. You got this.